Welcome to IOM Free Energy Measures Online Services

On this site, eligible applicants can apply for a voucher which can be used to receive free energy efficiency items. Please check whether you are eligible against the specific and comprehensive list on the Energy Efficiency Scheme website or in the guidance. Select the relevant tenure below (eg. homeowner; private sector tenant; or public sector tenant). This allows you to access all energy efficiency items other than loft insulation, which can be applied for separately by selecting the ‘Loft Insulation Order’ box.

It is best to assess your home before you make an application. Visit https://www.netzero.im/take-action/home-energy/ for guidance to support you. This is particularly the case regarding loft insulation where it would not be appropriate for self installation to take place.

You may be able to receive a voucher towards installation of loft insulation, thermostatic radiator valves and/or a smart heating control – select ‘Installation Request’ to apply.

If eligibility evidence is requested from you, this evidence can be uploaded on this page by selecting ‘Upload Evidence’ and following the relevant steps.

More information about the Energy Efficiency Scheme (2022) is available on the Help for Households website: https://costoflivingsupport.gov.im/



Use this service if you own your own home or are ordering on behalf of a person who owns their own home

Private Sector Tenant

Use this service if you live in privately rented accommodation. You must have the Landlord's permission in advance. 

Public Sector Tenant

Use this service if you live in public sector housing. This includes: Council, Commissioner or Department Housing

Loft Insulation Order

If you would like to order loft insulation, it is recommended that you use this service before ordering small items. To qualify for this service you must be a Homeowner or be a Private Sector Tenant.

Installation Request

This section is for eligible homeowners or those renting in the private sector. Please be aware that loft insulation is bulky and you will need to ensure you have storage space available if you will not be fitting immediately.

Upload Evidence

If you have received an email informing you to supply evidence to complete your application, please use this service. It is recommended that you gather all evidence before beginning this service.

Further Information

For further information please refer to the Scheme guidance document that can be found on the Help for Households website: https://costoflivingsupport.gov.im/